The idea behind the PDW is to serve the personal and professional needs of the IPSERA members and students and to develop and update their practical, professional, and intellectual skills. The key aim of a PDW should be to help IPSERA members to improve their teaching and research capabilities. Good PDW’s are innovative, interactive, integrative and developmental, valuable, provocative, and logistically sound. PDW’s at IPSERA are now put through a competitive process – limiting the number that are accepted to those that meet these criteria and according to conference slots available. The standard time allocated for a PDW is up to 1,5 hours.
Before submitting an idea for a PDW consider the following:

  • Does the workshop offer a high quality and high level learning experience that has a significant positive impact on the professional development of the participants?
  • Does the workshop provide participants with clear “take away”? (e.g. learn a new skill; develop a new research plan)
  • Does the workshop have a theme and a group of participants that will draw a strong audience regardless of competing sessions or scheduling restrictions?
  • Does the workshop encourage multi-way conversation and interaction among participants from multiple areas, disciplines, regions, career stages, or demographic backgrounds?
  • Is the workshop creative and innovative in all of its elements?

When developing the PDW proposal, please follow these guidelines:

a. Page 1: Title page which contains:
i. title of the workshop (in Title Case)
ii. name of sponsor (if there is one) and name(s) of people that are managing the PDW
iii. up to 250-word abstract of the workshop
b. Page 2: Explanation as to why the workshop should be of interest to the members of IPSERA
c. Page 3: A description about the PDW. Format and participants (facilitators / group leaders). What will happen during the time allotted. What topics will be covered.

Submission of proposals should be sent to Federico Caniato ( and Wendy Tate ( by 15th of December.