The Ipsera 2019 conference theme is “Art and Science of Procurement”, which reflects the two sides of the discipline. On the one hand Procurement requires the application of science and technology, analytical skills and quantitative methods; on the other hand there’s a need for creativity and understanding of soft behavioural skills.

The digital transformation is opening new opportunities for the management of Purchasing and Supply Chains, making “big data” available and offering analytical tools to manage them, but also allowing networking and the sharing of innovative ideas. This enables both disruption of existing practices and technologies, as well as new ways to tackle sustainability challenges, e.g. through better transparency and control of supply chain risk.

The conference will provide a forum for academics and practitioners to present research papers and discuss opportunities to improve effectiveness and creativity in organisations through the design of innovative purchasing and supply chain strategies. The underlying intent of the conference is to gain a better understanding of strategic radical changes and innovations with environmental, ethical, and responsible organisational performance.

We also invite proposals for special sessions. Please us to express an interest to develop and organise a special track.
The conference will be preceded by the IPSERA Doctoral Workshop and the IPSERA Educators Workshop.

Please mark the key conference dates in your calendar.

Professor Stefano Ronchi and Professor Federico CaniatoConference Chairs